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Kids Zone

Reading Information
News Websites: A news magazine online that encourages students to read. Official website of the “Boy Scouts of America.” Advice for teens on the latest fashion, music, movies, and more. Daily news promotes kids’ appreciation of science.
Academic Websites: Learn about the solar system and space exploration. Kid-friendly info on atoms, elements, reactions, and more. An excellent environmental education website. The latest technology knowledge for kids. Creative, open-ended math exploration with a feline theme. Kids explore who they are through those from our past. Click on the history topic you wish to learn about. Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more. Turn your dream into reality with an engineering future. So much information, so little time!
Game Websites: Island video games to learn strategy and memorization. An amusement part of math games that instruct and delight Recipes, move mixers, and fitness challenges for kids. Learn how to fold neat paper animals and items. A fun place to wake up your brain with games and arcades. Educational videos and games for kids. Using games to learn how to spell.
Local Libraries: Arroyo Seco Public Library Eagle Rock Public Library Downtown Library, Teen’Scape!
Local Attractions: Los Angeles Police Historical Society & Museum Heritage Square Museum Norton Simon Museum H.P. Recreational Center H.P. Center Pool