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Serving on one of the Arroyo Seco Village Homeowner Association's committees is a fantastic opportunity to meet your neighbors. Committees are comprised of individuals who volunteer their time to improve the community and are overseen by the members of the Board.
Boards can establish their own guidelines for their committees. Following are some basic general guidelines Arroyo Seco Village will follow. In addition to general guidelines, each committee will be given specific tasks or goals.
1. No more than one family member, member of a household or domestic partner may vote on a committee.
2. Committee chairs will be selected by the board unless the board directs committee members to select their own chairperson.
3. Committees and committee members serve at the pleasure of the board. Committees may be dissolved or members removed at any time by the board with or without reason. The term of each committees shall automatically end with the election of a new board at the annual meeting. The new board can then decide whether or not to appoint new committees.
4. Committees should meet monthly or as often as needed to accomplish their tasks. Members with 2 or more unexcused absences automatically cease to be on the committee.
5. Committees shall keep minutes of their meetings which shall be submitted to the board of directors and/or management agent for submission into the monthly board packet. In addition, committee chairs shall submit written recommendations, if any, at the board meeting.