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Complex Security


Arroyo Seco Village has employed the services of Post Security Services.  They provide patrol services of the common grounds, 2x per day, open and lock up pool/laundry rooms etc.... Below are some standards for calling the security patrol:

Suspicious vehicles

Suspicious persons

Vehicles blocking garages

Solicitors on property

Any damage to property

Any fire on property (after 911)

Large Disturbance (fight, etc. after 911)

Loud music by tenant (Non-Emergency call 311)

Unauthorized people on property or in pool (trespassing)

The above are all matters that deal with Security and Public safety.  Other reasons should be handled by the resident or police.

Depending on availability or patrol, if resident dispatches for any reason not on the above list, patrol may or may not respond depending on availability of units and should be considered a courtesy response.

Arroyo pays for twenty-four hour response, 7 days a week to your calls of suspicious activity, distubances, etc...  Should the Officers observe any criminal activity, or evidence of a break-in, Post Security Service will immediately notify local law enforcement, and contact the property manager.

Any resident may call Post Security Service.  The phone numer to call is:
 (800) 654-7678
The front desk phone number is 323-344-5701.
If you have not already done so, you may want to sign up for "E-Policing"? It's great, it's an internet communication system that the department has to provide crime also get updates directly from our captain (for Northeast station it's Captain Bill Murphy).....Please sign up for it if you haven't done so yet, it's free and it's very easy...just go to their website "
Facebook -
Read about what's happening at Northeast and give them your comments
Twitter -
Get crime tips, upcoming events, major occurrences in the Northeast Area
Alerts from Nixle -
Receive alerts from Northeast and other government agencies via email and text messaging
Lock it-Hide it-Keep it -
Our new LAPD campaign to educate you about our number one crime - vehicle break-ins - and how to prevent them.
SECURITY DISCLAIMER. We hope that our security systems provide some deterrence to crime. However, no matter what steps we take, the association can never be completely safe and secure. For example, it is possible for someone to enter the property under false pretenses to commit crimes, for residents to commit crimes against their own neighbors, for guests of residents to commit crimes, and for employees to commit crimes. As a result, the association is not and can never be free of crime and we cannot guarantee your safety or security. Accordingly, you should NOT rely on the association to protect you from loss or harm. Instead, you should provide for your own security by taking common sense precautions such as carrying insurance against loss; keeping your doors locked; refusing to open your door to strangers; asking workmen for identification; installing a security system; locking your car; etc.